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Welcome to Coimbatore Marine College

Approved by Director General of Shipping, Government of India

CIP Ranking : IRS, Grade A1 (Outstanding)

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Established Since 2001.


Seeds are nurtured to sprout with a potential to spread and span as forest. We are aware that the stronger and deeper the roots are that taller and healthier will be the tree. With immaculate ease, we graduate each student (seed) from our college/school inculcating the habit to succeed in his/her chosen field like the forest.

Each Institution in our group is unique in its own way.

Coimbatore is called the Manchester of South India by virtue of its engineering and other industries. There is a cluster of engineering colleges in and around Coimbatore. We produce 1000s of engineering genius every year.

In Marine Engineering, Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) is the pioneer. Founder Chairman himself is a Marine Chief Engineer who is from Coimbatore. He realized that in spite of the good potential engineering brains in Coimbatore and its surroundings our participation in the marine field was negligible. To place our student from this part of India in to the ocean job which is highly remunerable, challenging and globally connected, he constructed the on land ship T.S. Clarissa similar to the original sea Ship with all its machineries and auxiliaries while forming the first Marine Institution in Coimbatore.

CMC started at the year 2001 obtaining the Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Transport, Government of India Approval, is now an important hub for Mariners. All allied Marine courses are conducted here and is one of the leading qualified man power suppliers to the shipping fraternity. In this short span of time competitive Mariners from southern inland have considerably increased and achieved global recognition.

Unlike other colleges in Coimbatore, we in our college have most of the staff from Marine field. A unique combination of defence, merchant marine and inland staff impart an astounding knowledge, skill and attitude to the students who are called Sea Cadets.


Need teachers to expand their knowledge,

Need coaches to deepen their skills,

Need mentors to hone their professional abilities,

Need gurus to realise their spiritual self.

With field experience and academic knowledge, we have the combination of all in every teacher. We become the beacons helping students to go beyond. This is the uniqueness and pride of CMC teacher.

CMC is located in the Pollachi main road in a scenic and serene atmosphere. As the Kerala Kanuvai air is flowing through our college, a peaceful learning atmosphere prevails throughout the year.

From the start of CMC in 2001 we have been doing landmark achievements regularly by starting Aeronautical College in Coimbatore, Mangalore Marine College and Technology in Mangalore, post sea Marine institutions in Chennai and Mumbai, CMC International School in Coimbatore. In 2016 we started Air Carnival Private Limited a Coimbatore based Airlines, flying our own domestic airlines to various cities in Tamilnadu. Like in Marine we are the pioneers in Coimbatore to start Airlines and will spread our wings to all parts of the world very soon.

Join our college to become Captain (Master Mariner), Marine Chief Engineer on Ships and General Manager (GM) of Shipping and logistic companies.